• Suspect tracing
  • Witness tracing
  • Assets tracing
  • Using our state-of-the-art technology to conduct our tracing services

Insurance Fraudulent Claims

  • False Claims fraud
  • Forgery & Identity fraud
  • Faked Claims
  • Insurance Company fraud

Fraud Investigations

  • Insurance Claims fraud
  • Transit fraud
  • Health insurance fraud

Car insurance fraud investigation

  • Tracing exact proximity location through cell phone number - Interact with the SAPS in order to validate the claim
  • Comprehensive investigation with the vehicle manufactures to obtain information regarding engine, chassis and manufacture details of stolen and hijacked vehicles
  • Full comprehensive investigation into circumstances that have given rise to a claim
  • Liaise with the tracking company to obtain incidents reports and activation reports as well as last location of the vehicle
  • Full enquiries with the networks that we have at the vehicle safeguarding facilities in the South African Police Services in the event of recovery of the stolen and hijacked vehicles
  • Conduct further investigation into the financial history of the insured and as well as verifying the validity of the Drivers license
  • Interview neighbors and witnesses

Third Party Tracing

  • Tracing the Third-party driver and owner full details - Obtaining Third party vehicle full details
  • Obtaining Third party driver’s description of the accident
  • Obtaining Third party owner’s description of the accident
  • Tracing Third party owner’s insurance details
  • Obtaining Accident report
  • Provide witness details if available

Background checks

  • Business checks involves checking an employee history
  • It also involves checking the criminal status of a subject
  • This also includes checking the qualification of an individual
  • It can also include checking of a business, if its register or not

Household contents claim

  • Tracing exact proximity location through cell phone number
  • Liaise with SAPS in order to validate the claim
  • Obtain police file or docket to substantiate the claim
  • Liaising with the security companies to get information pertaining to alarms, armed response and incident reports
  • Interview neighbours and witnesses
  • Full blown investigations
  • Compilation of full inventories of household contents
  • Risk analysis in terms of terms of security requirements as stipulated in the relevant policy schedule
  • Full enquiries made with South African Weather Services in case of damage to the insured property caused by abnormal weather conditions
  • Conduct further full investigations into the financial wellbeing of the insured


  • Confirm paternity and maternity
  • Investigate employment of the deceased and the claimant
  • Interview family members from the deceased’s side to confirm relationship
  • Obtain school report
  • Conduct further investigation as to whether there are no other biological children not included in the claim
  • Investigate as to whether the children are not receiving SASSA
  • Investigate as to whether there was a Liquidation and Distribution Account opened


  • Obtain docket from the SAPS
  • Interview the insured driver
  • Interview passengers
  • Interview witnesses if any
  • Take photos of the scene


  • Obtain clinical records
  • Obtain full hospital records